Portfolio & Case studies

A Portfolio & some case studies are the best way to showcase marketing talent.  It gives you an idea of how your marketing consultant will approach a problem, and how we can work with the client to come up with a solution that approaches the problem creatively and meets the target.

My approach

I have an extensive background in marketing – especially in the legal community and nonprofit/association markets and put that knowledge to work for clients. When working on a project, I approach it with the eye to the desired result and audience.  I do a significant amount of research and have a feedback loop to make sure the client is happy with the result and feels part of the process.  We go through several tests and drafts before the final result and it is truly a team effort.

If you have any questions about how I went about the process or the results, please contact me. I am happy to discuss the creative and research process and how I can apply the process to your unique situation.

Check back often as portfolio & case studies will be updated and added on a regular basis