Why outsource marketing and association management services?

To put it in a single thought or phrase – you’re too busy to market yourself

I can supplement your own marketing and association efforts to boost your outreach and public/client relations. I have an extensive network of marketing and branding specialists to help you build stronger relationships with your current clients and further your market to find more clients.  I will use my own experience and my extensive network within the legal vertical to help you further market your services.

While I can’t make you a good lawyer or expert or a well-run association, I can help you polish up your brand, create unique and authentic campaigns and kick your butt to market yourself better.

My Network can help you with:

  • Building your Association;
  • Writing and overseeing a business development plan;
  • Branding;
  • Public Relations, including identifying media and speaking opportunities;
  • Writing and implementing a marketing plan
  • Designing websites & printed marketing pieces;
  • Creating unique medical and other illustrations and animations
  • Managing social media campaigns;
  • Providing networking opportunities and networking coaching;
  • Planning client appreciation events and partner retreats;
  • Acting as your marketing department or association consultant so you have more time to devote to doing what you love.

Contact me for further information and to schedule a consultation.