Portfolio & Case Studies

A Portfolio & case studies are the best way to showcase marketing talent.  It gives you an idea of how your marketing consultant will approach a problem, and how we can work with the client to come up with a solution that approaches the problem creatively and meets the target.

My approach

I have an extensive background in marketing – especially in the legal community and nonprofit/association markets and put that knowledge to work for clients. When working on a project, I approach it with the eye to the desired result and audience.  I do a significant amount of research and have a feedback loop to make sure the client is happy with the result and feels part of the process.  We go through several tests and drafts before the final result and it is truly a team effort.

If you have any questions about how I went about the process or the results, please contact me. I am happy to discuss the creative and research process and how I can apply the process to your unique situation.

Check back often as portfolio & case studies will be updated and added on a regular basis.

Expert Witness Ad

The Knowles Group needed an advertisement to announce their availability to take on new clients.  The ad needed to discuss complicated financial terms but in more understandable language and making it visually and emotionally appealing at the same time.  Took inspiration from current website but updated it to fit a sleeker, more approachable look for legal newspapers.

Dean Standish Perkins

30th Anniversary Ad

Dean Standish Perkins was celebrating their 30th anniversary and wanted to reach out to former clients and referral sources.  Placed ad in the WSAJ & King County bar papers and created notecards for client outreach.  Stan Perkins was a lovely client to work with and I can see why he is so successful in his plaintiff’s practice.

beach convention brochure

Beach Convention Brochure

The convention chair was holding her convention at the Salishan resort, on the Oregon coast.  Pulling from the traditional beach theme, but keeping it clean and open – I wanted attendees to get a fun and playful feeling from the brochure.

engineering website

Energy Engineering Website

Madison Engineering wanted a new look and feel to their website and incorporate some of the photography of the projects.  I did a competitive analysis and worked with the client to create a more approachable language.  CSS coding of particular functions and colors to the site including sepia effect when clicking on some pictures and shadow effect.

save the date postcard

Save the Date Postcard

Client was a convention chair who wanted a save the date postcard that would remind potential attendees of the bright summer day promised when attending a program in Victoria, B.C. during July.  Postcard was scheduled to arrive on people’s desks right after the holidays when the weather is dreary.

Pacific Northwest Network

Pacific Northwest Network Webpage

A newly formed trade association for expert witnesses, the Pacific Northwest Network for Forensic Expert Witnesses (pn2few.org)  needed a webpage stat…and it needed a searchable database component, a calendar that could be quickly updated, several people were going to be blogging and to throw a monkey wrench into everything – there was almost no budget for design.  The project became a website that evolves as the clientele are further defined.

Whistler Brochure, Vintage Postcard

Making a Murderer Theme Brochure

The chair of the program wanted to take off from the theme of Making a Murderer.  I used  provided photographs from Whistler Tourism and created a retro postcard feel to the brochure as well.  Whistler brochure

Rebranding – Business Cards & Email Template

The law firm was getting a new exciting webpage and needed to have their business cards and email templates reflect the new branding.  Working with the firm administrator – designed a new branding look and feel that reflected the webpage so that the branding was consistent. Email template also was made to work within Word so that the attorney could add text as needed.

Website for Life and Fitness Coach, Aspire Coaching, Website, Branding

Website for Life and Fitness Coach for Women

Client needed a brand and website to launch her new life and fitness coaching career.  We met and started the branding exercise with talking about her ideal client, some of her own personal goals and how she wanted the client to feel when visiting her website and her brand.  She wanted women to feel renewed and energized (the client herself is a blast to hang out with and has tons of energy), and she wanted women to understand that age is just a number.  We came up with the Spring & Renewal theme and went from there.  Need someone to kick…

Foundation for Washington Courts

Foundation for Washington Courts Website & Logo

When I redesigned the Washington Courts Website (I did the original design in 2008 and it hadn’t been updated much since), I worked with the executive committee to address some functionality and loading issues, surveyed their end user and went back to a redesign of the logo as well to fresh it up – using the same original plum color.  With the donation of some lovely photography by Celeste Stokes of courthouses around the state, I think we captured some of the essence of the importance of this foundation (buying equipment and funding some critical capital needs) – http://fwacourts.org/

real estate ad

Real Estate Advertisement

My dear friend and client David Sweeney is an amazing police officer and real estate agent.  I needed to design an ad that stood out from the other real estate agent ads in a police newspaper and designing in black and white is always fun.  While it had more words that I was comfortable with, David & I worked to convey the sense of peace that buying a home can bring, along with plenty of space for all of the copy.  He’s a great agent and one of the most honest man around – so if you are in the…

Back to the Future Themed Postcard

The chair of this lawyer’s convention wanted to have a throw-back themed convention around the 80’s – so it was “Back to the Future” where neon was king, and the music was ska. Using some the same lettering and images from the movie – we set the stage for the convention with the postcard – to be followed by the brochure – also in the same theme, but using the one of the board members as a stand in for the Michael J. Fox character.

victoria, foodie brochure

Food-Themed Event Brochure

The chair of the event wanted to make it a food-themed convention brochure. Using the photographs of the foodie culture of Victoria, B.C., I weaved in the themes of food, drink and education. Using the idea of a cooking blog, I went for the soft, warm colors of the food photos and of Victoria – making it a delicious project to work with.