Practice storytelling to make a lasting impression

Our brains crave a good story.  As a child, you probably remember plopping down in front of the school librarian, eagerly awaiting story hour to start. Stories are what connect us to each other.  So, put down your data and your elevator speeches, and tell a potential client what sparked your interest in your field.  It creates a meaningful connection and makes you more approachable.

If you want to practice your storytelling skills, first hone your listening skills with the Moth Radio hour podcast.   The best moth story tellers have a way to engaging an audience right away, without a PowerPoint or other visual aid.  For an even larger leap, when the Moth is in town, be brave and sign up to tell your unique story to an audience.  I will admit to being scared to do it although I am compelled to follow my own advice.  I will work on being brave enough to do it myself one day.