Project Type Brochure

Food-Themed Event Brochure

victoria, foodie brochure

The chair of the event wanted to make it a food-themed convention brochure. Using the photographs of the foodie culture of Victoria, B.C., I weaved in the themes of food, drink and education. Using the idea of a cooking blog,…

Back to the Future Themed Postcard

The chair of this lawyer’s convention wanted to have a throw-back themed convention around the 80’s – so it was “Back to the Future” where neon was king, and the music was ska. Using some the same lettering and images…

Making a Murderer Theme Brochure

Whistler Brochure, Vintage Postcard

The chair of the program wanted to take off from the theme of Making a Murderer.  I used  provided photographs from Whistler Tourism and created a retro postcard feel to the brochure as well.  Whistler brochure

Beach Convention Brochure

beach convention brochure

The convention chair was holding her convention at the Salishan resort, on the Oregon coast.  Pulling from the traditional beach theme, but keeping it clean and open – I wanted attendees to get a fun and playful feeling from the…