The Baldwin Network is a truly a network of marketing experts.

While I am the principal of the Baldwin Network, I believe in outsourcing for other skills that you might need to make your marketing even better.  I rely on an extensive network of very talented people who possess specific skills to meet your specific needs.  We aren’t all things to all people – but if you want to increase your list of clients, get better clients or make your current clients happier, see the Marketing Services page for the list of services that the network can provide, visit the Clients page to see a growing list of my clients or stop by the Portfolio page to get an idea of the type of services I offer.

Kristin Baldwin, Principal

About Us - Kristin Baldwin, the Baldwin Network

My marketing career was launched with my first job out of graduate school. I sold prisons.  More truthfully – I was part of a team that successfully convinced small communities around the state of California to let my employer, the Department of Corrections build a prison in their town. If I can successfully market a prison, I can market your services.  

When I was a kid – I wanted to be three things: An astronaut, a marriage counselor or a matchmaker. I stink at math so astronaut was out.  I don’t have the patience to sit through marital conflicts so marriage counselor was also out.  The job market has dried up for matchmaking since the advent of the internet so I might as well put those matchmaking skills to work for you and help you expand your own network.  I like looking at unique ways of getting you into the ecosphere of potential and current clients and finding connections and common interests among like-minded people.  (see..back to the whole matchmaking theme) More importantly, I have extensive contacts in the community and I am not afraid to use them.

Here is some further information if you really want the boring details.

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  • Presenter, “Courting your Members via Social Media” – Washington Society of Association Executives, March 2016.
  • Presenter, “Personal Marketing: The Simple Trick to Building Relationships and Careers” – Puget Sound Adjusters Association Meeting, September 2016
  • Panelist, Peer to Peer Roundtable – Making The Software Selection Process Painless, Washington Society of Association Executives, February 2016
  • Chair, Moving Away from the Membership Dollar Dependency by Diversifying Revenue, Washington Society of Association Executives, January 2016.
  • Panelist & Moderator, Presenting Financial Data to Your Board, Washington Society of Association Executives, April 2012
  • Panelist, Building a Community within your State and Local Defense Organization, DRI Annual Meeting, Executive Director’s Meeting, October 2011
  • Speaker, Creating a Social Media Presence for your State and Local Defense Organization, DRI Executive Director’s Meeting, March 2009
  • Lobbying, Washington State Legislature, November 2012
  • Lobbying, Washington State Representatives & Congresspersons, Washington D.C., March 2015

Community Activities

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