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Association Consulting

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Expert Witness Marketing Consulting

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Marketing a service vs. marketing a product requires specific skills and experience. – and we have it.   

Marketing a service is essentially boiled down to marketing YOU – which can be awkward and uncomfortable.  It doesn’t get easier writing about yourself or finding ways to have clients want to hire you for your expertise.  But it does become more natural with practice, coaching and figuring out your own personal marketing style.  

Our team can help you become a thought-leader, solidify current client relationships, reach new clientele and raise your profile through careful communication, and strategic marketing.  Together we can find opportunities that fit your comfort and skill level.  We can help you tell your unique story, conveying your distinctive expertise and help you create meaningful client relationships.

We can assist you in market development, marketing research, networking, and business development coaching, public/client relations plans, and branding – all to the end result of conveying clearly your unique position in the market.

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