Website for Life and Fitness Coach for Women

Website for Life and Fitness Coach, Aspire Coaching, Website, Branding

Client needed a brand and website to launch her new life and fitness coaching career.  We met and started the branding exercise with talking about her ideal client, some of her own personal goals and how she wanted the client to feel when visiting her website and her brand.  She wanted women to feel renewed and energized (the client herself is a blast to hang out with and has tons of energy), and she wanted women to understand that age is just a number.  We came up with the Spring & Renewal theme and went from there.  Need someone to kick your life into higher gear? – Pam is a great coach!

Pacific Northwest Network Webpage

Pacific Northwest Network

A newly formed trade association for expert witnesses, the Pacific Northwest Network for Forensic Expert Witnesses (  needed a webpage stat…and it needed a searchable database component, a calendar that could be quickly updated, several people were going to be blogging and to throw a monkey wrench into everything – there was almost no budget for design.  The project became a website that evolves as the clientele are further defined.