Real Estate Advertisement

real estate ad

My dear friend and client David Sweeney is an amazing police officer and real estate agent.  I needed to design an ad that stood out from the other real estate agent ads in a police newspaper and designing in black and white is always fun.  While it had more words that I was comfortable with, David & I worked to convey the sense of peace that buying a home can bring, along with plenty of space for all of the copy.  He’s a great agent and one of the most honest man around – so if you are in the market for a house –

Save the Date Postcard

save the date postcard

Client was a convention chair who wanted a save the date postcard that would remind potential attendees of the bright summer day promised when attending a program in Victoria, B.C. during July.  Postcard was scheduled to arrive on people’s desks right after the holidays when the weather is dreary.

30th Anniversary Ad

Dean Standish Perkins

Dean Standish Perkins was celebrating their 30th anniversary and wanted to reach out to former clients and referral sources.  Placed ad in the WSAJ & King County bar papers and created notecards for client outreach.  Stan Perkins was a lovely client to work with and I can see why he is so successful in his plaintiff’s practice.

Expert Witness Ad

The Knowles Group needed an advertisement to announce their availability to take on new clients.  The ad needed to discuss complicated financial terms but in more understandable language and making it visually and emotionally appealing at the same time.  Took inspiration from current website but updated it to fit a sleeker, more approachable look for legal newspapers.